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About Gaius

Based in Taichung, Taiwan, Gaius Automotive is on a mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable transportation solution. We have recently raised $10 million from ASUSTEK to provide mission critical vehicles for e-commerce, logistics, urban area delivery, emergency response fleets and government fleets.

At the center of our innovations is the patented 3-wheeled tilting system that cleverly incorporates the maneuverability of a motorcycle and the payload of a small van into our vehicles. Our intelligent charging system also helps customers manage their fleets more efficiently.

In response to the rapid growth of e-commerce logistics and the rising trend of decarbonized delivery services, we are determined to bring our solutions to the world, making every cargo delivery net zero carbon.

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Gaius Automotive is the pioneer of sustainable transport solutions. The team has extensive knowledge and experience on vehicles. Previous work includes building autonomous vehicles alongside Shell and University of Oxford. Our team spans two continents with the manufacturing and R&D teams in Taiwan and the advanced energy system engineering team in Toronto. We are looking for passionate adventurers and innovators to join us.

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Logistics vehicle is more than a means of transportation.