Gaius will be displaying its Rapid-e 2.5w™ – light commercial EV concept prototype and Park&Charge™ wireless charging system at COMPUTEX 2015

The Gaius Rapid-e 2.5w™ is the World’s first light commercial EV for future urban mobility (2016~), World’s first light commercial motorcycle to feature HUD (Heads-Up Display), smart phone / Wi-Fi integration with cloud based fleet management and digital logistics system (dispatch, tracking, reporting, data logging, GPS, route planning & assist).

Rapid-e achieves delivery & transport vehicle downsizing, zero emissions, simplified pick-up/drop-off, easy parking, cutting through traffic, suits “hub’n’spoke” model, and effectively, quickly and economically penetrates busy and narrow city roads that normal trucks cannot reach.

The Gaius Park&Charge™ is the World’s first wireless charging system for electric motorcycles. The charging pad is shaped to automatically align the wireless charger’s sender with the vehicle’s receiver. Smart phone app-based charger control, billing and reservation is communicated through a built-in near field communication (NFC) module. A cloud-based management system ensures the Park&Charge™ network is ready for the Smart City of the future.

Exhibit Location: TWTC Exhibition Hall 3,
Smart Tech & Application Area : Meet The Future Pavilion
Booth No.: G0236
Exhibit Dates: June 2-6
Computex interview:

About Gaius:
Gaius Automotive, founded in 2010, is a brand with the purpose of creating the future of green urban mobility by synthesizing and evolving every constituent of a nascent EV-enabled ecosystem that supports healthy, sustainable urban mobility and living.


Taipei, Taiwan – April 9, 2014 Gaius Automotive is launching its range of light commercial electric vehicles at EV Taiwan, The 4th Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show, and at The 9th Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show. Gaius’s future urban mobility vehicles Rapid-e and Cargo-e are on display at the shows.

Aimed at government and corporate fleets, Rapid-e is the World’s first light commercial vehicle to feature an HUD (heads up display) system, and also features smart phone / Wi-Fi integration with cloud based fleet management and digital logistics system (dispatch, tracking, reporting, data logging, GPS, route planning & assist). The vehicle is capable of a top speed of 95km/h, can carry loads of over 200kg, and has a battery system rated for 8 years of operation.

The commercial cargo delivery workhorse Cargo-e offers an even higher load carrying capacity of up to 300kg, while maintaining a small. Lightweight and agile platform capable of navigating traffic and narrow access roads with ease.

Taichung, Taiwan – January 22, 2014On invitation by the Plastics Industry Development Center of Taiwan,Gaius presented to composite industry professionals at the Lightweight Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Technologies Conference.Focusing on automotive applications, the presentation informed about design axioms and manufacturing methods, and made recommendations for the future growth of the Taiwanese composites industry.

Taichung, Taiwan – September 10, 2013Gaius CTO Christian Jansen was invited to speak at the 2013 SAE International Lightweighting Forum in Shanghai. The presentation titled “Automotive composites: Opportunities and Challenges” discussed the state-of-the-art of composite raw materials, manufacturing and design, in light of the value proposition composites offer for the automotive industry.

  We are debuting our composite automotive suspension control arm at the 2013 JEC Europe Composites Show. This design represents an industry-first application of isogrid topology to an all-composite suspension arm. The material system is a hybrid of a unidirectional carbon core with carbon fiber SMC forming the ribs and bosses.

  This innovative application is facilitated by the development of a manufacturing method that allows less than 10 minute production cycle, and results in a 40% weight saving over the baseline aluminum arm.

  Depending on vehicle segment and the construction of the reference arm, weight savings can reach 1kg and per part and over 6kg per vehicle. Most of this weight is reduced from unsprung mass, which results in better ride quality, safety and handling. We invite you to see a sample of the arm at the JEC Innovation Showcase, and would be happy to discuss further at Booth J56. You may also book an appointment with Gaius’ CTO, Christian Jansen, by emailing or in person at Booth J56 (ADVANCED NTERNATIONAL MULTITECH CO. LTD.).